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If you’re looking for event entertainment including comedy, music and or hosting, you’ve come to the right place. Dwayne Dunlevy knows how to read an audience and he continues to bring happiness to young and old. Recently, Dwayne has been performing adult oriented stand up comedy. Twenty years ago he began his comedy career in New Hope, Pa and moved on to New York and Philadelphia from there. Since then, Dwayne has worked for several companies and theatres performing family themed entertainment. Dwayne says "The lesson there is that now I am comfortable doing both blue and family oriented performances." 
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Thursdays at The Clarion!

Oct. 2017 

"I have known Dwayne for over 20 years and have had the opportunity to work with him for the last 7 years. He is a great spirit that brings enthusiasm and light into every project. He has the ability to lift an entire room and instantly put everyone at ease. He has a genuine gift for what he does and his passion easily comes across. I would recommend him for anything as he is truly a master of many skills!" 

Annie Holvey
John Casablancas 
Entertainment Career Center 
Recent Reviews

Nov. 2017 

"I hired Dwayne for my mom's 60th birthday party. I envisioned that he would handle the toasts & maybe a little comedy here and there. He was already at the place when I arrived (I arrived 45 min before it started) & from the first moment was involved in ways I could not even imagine. He got my family a drink, entertained my kids and was there to greet guests as they came in. He even held my uncle by his arm because he had a hard time seeing. Throughout the night, he went above and beyond what anyone imagined and everyone started asking me about him. My mom's good friend already put a deposit on a DJ for her son's wedding but is actually considering forfeiting that deposit just to have Dwayne. He is not only talented in your usual host way, he is also very intuitive & has the most beautiful voice. Wow" 

Tatyana Salas

Langhorne, PA