Dwayne Dunlevy   
Call: 267-237-2003
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DJ / Entertainment
Photo & Fashion Styling
I have worked as DJ for company parties, birthdays, holiday events, weddings and more.
If you would like someone for an event involving many different generations and music styles I can help. I can even work with you to create a playlist that will make your event memorable. 

Any bookings should go through my manager Wayne Surline. You may reach him by emailing: surlinewayne@gmail.com or by calling 267.210.3108 

dwayne provides a variety of services including:
Over the past five years I have worked as a Stylist and Producer at John Casablancas Philadelphia Career Center to help people of all ages and types to create images for their professional portfolios. I will work with you to create a professional quality shoot whether for your family photo album or professional portfolio.  

I create multi media art pieces and have done so for almost twenty years. My work is in homes and business around the world and in several collections throughout the United States. I am able to interpret work from photos or create abstract work based on the recipient's style or creative desire. Each piece is a one of a kind work and created by hand. 

If you have any question concerning fees or details please email surlinewayne@gmail.com.